Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hmmmmm... Recently ive had a huge question as to what to do with my life O_o. Like, i realized all i do is play video games, and watch tv for the most part... And ive been thinking about what i want to do when im older. So ive come to my trusty blogger friends >:D.. I definitely want to have a job similar to a zoologist. But even the highly paid zoologists are only making about 30-50grand a year. Not horrible money but see i have alot of plans with what i want to do...

I have to go to australia sometime in my life, ive been discussing this quite a bit. so far my plan is definitely college somewhere in australia.It's been my dream to go to australia since i was a little tyke watching steve irwin (R.I.P) Hence my wanting to be a zoologist. But not only australia, ive got to go to africa too...

See i do have a reasoning to this crazy little dream. See even though i may have a rough outer shell, i really do have a soft spot for humanity ;). Africa is one of this worlds countries that needs the most help. In my view, i'll probably have money if half the things i want to do with my life happen(they will)... and that money could be used for my own luxury, or they could be used to help a child go to sleep whos starving. We grow up sheltered under our parents, heck alot of the kids in africa dont have parents because they were killed. Not gunna go into my crazy reasoning but its definitely another project of mine. after those to things surely my life must be already packed with enough crazy adventures. Nope, next stop paris.

Paris... well theres no real reason to want to go to paris except that it sounds like a beautiful city, so i plan to go there as well... Ive had alot of dreams since i was probably 10 about standing under the eifle tower. Just standing... watching the world go by :) But still after these destinations, i do have one last dream with my life. I think this above everything else is important to me...

I need to live in boulder colorado. My cousin brent lived and died here. I've got to do this and im going to make it happen :).

Back to my original question, any idea what would be a good profession?

Anywayzzz ive got to head to bed everyone :D


P.s Gnight Chris. ^_^

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  1. I don't know what exactly a zoologist does. I guess knowing would help me to vote on whether or not that's a good career type for you. You probably told me once, but I must confess, I don't remember what it was.

    I can see you enjoying a job with a lot of potential for excitement and honor: military, fireman, etc. I think you'd need interaction with people, but not constant interaction. You'd like to be able to help people and maybe not have too much paperwork? Ummm...

    I wiki-ed "list of professions"--maybe you should, too. Here's what caught my eye:
    Architect, Beekeeper (ha!), Builder, Chef, Coast Guard, Comedian, First Mate, Football Player, Interrogator, Medic/EMT, Stunt Double, oh look, there's zoologist.

    Lemme know what you think.

    G'night Jared. :D