Monday, October 12, 2009

Church cookout

so yesterday there was a cookout at the church as you very well know. it was a fun day :}. It started out with me getting new jeans muhahahahahah ive been waiting for months to get new jeans:D but anyway... Chris and matt came and got me and we started our day out. basically it was like the water fight but less wet for me and alot of other people too.

Early on in the day Chris talked me into going on a canoe ride. And i HATE canoes. so most of the time i was just thinkin... Find a happy place find a happy place >_<. so like the entire canoe ride i was giving spaced out answers. They had some random talk about personality types and were trying to get me to talk. So i was giving spaced out answers like. Mhm. yeah. Uhhh yep.... :} it was funny. Then when we tried to get out we couldnt get the canoe up cuz no one was helping. And yeah that didnt help my dislike of canoes either. But i got through the rest of the day without anymore canoeing :}

Later on we went on a hay ride. And it was PERFECT for reasons id rather not state =)
But we were being stupid and jumping on and off the thing. it was great :D and one time we decided we were going to run ahead and sit down. So he started charging towards us >:D i stayed sitting down and he stopped muhahahah it was funny.

Im exhausted tonight so i dont feel like typing a whole lot more than that >_<

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