Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rockers For Knockers

Okay so last ngiht alex Burke and i went to a conert called rockers for knockers. I swear it was the funniest night ive had in a while. LOL it was GREAT. local bands played a bunch of their songs. Well, there was this huge group of drunken people probably all in their 30s. and we were running around outside making videos and doing stupid stuff. a bunch if them decided to leave. As all of you know i have BEAUTIFUL hair :P One lady decided that admiring it from afar wasnt quite enough. She decided to ask if i was a pot dealr because white boys dont have long hair, and proceeded to put it into a ponytail and yell it looked prettier that way.

but dont let just one lady end it for ya. Later on a drunken woman probably in her 20's needed a smoke. she came out side and saw alex and i sitting around. She took a cigarette and the dialogue of the conversation was sort of like this

Lady : oh my *puff* i shouldnt*puff* smoke around*puff* kids.
lady : how old *puff* are you *puff* kids?
alex : Im 15
jared : 14... why?
lady : OHH MY *PUFF* GOSH i have a 14 *puff* year old daughter. and you look SOOO much older than she does
*puts out cigarette*(to husband) give me another.

after that we decided to walk off. Well later we thought itd be funny as heck to ask her if her daughter was hot. so we walked outside and this conversation went like so

jared : yo.. is your daugther hot? i mean im single and hey im looking :D
alex : shutup idiot ur not single
jared : SHH

the lady obviously drunk answered like so

Lady: Sex driven teenagers!

Which made my day LOL.

The rest of the night was basically the same... Drunken mothers.

Eventually we got bored of telling people we were 14/15. so we found new way to entertain ourselves. We found a beaten up smoking thingy where people could put there cigarettes. We took it out of the trash can and we kicked it over and over demanding it give us the Chocolate coated sugar puffs! We threw it and what not. eventually one mom wanted to know why we were beating up a small black child. haha some of the people were SO funny.

anyway yeah i wanted to tell you all how much of a social life i had last night. It was great :}

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